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The CRPC 3 Gun Match is open to any safety conscious shooter who desires to improve or practice their rifle shooting skills by participating in an organized activity that stresses practical rifle shooting techniques and scenarios.
Time:  Third Saturday of every month. Match will commence at 9:00 AM.
Cost: $5.00. The match is open to both CRPC members and non members.


  • Our matches are on the third Saturday of every month.  It is a "three gun" format based on USPSA rules. You will need a center fire rifle, pistol and shotgun along with 150 rounds of rifle, 100 rounds of pistol, 25 rounds of #7 birdshot (or smaller) and a few slugs. Chamber flags are required for rifles and shotguns.
    Holsters must securely retain your pistol during movement and not break the 180 degree rule. (no shoulder holsters)  Bring spare magazines for all magazine fed guns.
    Eye and ear protection are required to be worn at all times.


  • This is a cold range. All weapons will be unloaded at all times with the exception of the shooter actually shooting in the stage
  • No weapons will be loaded/made ready until verbal command is received from the Range Officer
  • When not in use, sidearms will be grounded or holstered, magazine removed, hammer down
  • When not in use, rifles will be grounded or slung, magazine removed, hammer down. The use of a chamber flag for long arms is recommended
  • Eye and hearing protection will be required at all times for all participants during the match.
  • 180 degree rule applies for shooters during the course of the stages
  • Match stages will be designed and laid out to avoid the necessity to abandon hot weapons and avoid the necessity to “hot holster” during weapon transitions
  • Some physical activity (i.e., running, lifting, assuming different firing positions, etc) will be worked into one or more of the match stages. If you are not comfortable with the requirements during any stage, or are not able to perform the activity, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO IT. Just inform the Range Officer and we’ll figure something else out
  • Spectators are to remain to the rear of the line at all times during the match
  • In the event that the weather makes range conditions unsafe, the match will be postponed or canceled.
  • All other CRPC safety rules will be adhered to during the match.
Round Count: Rifle-100 rounds or less, Pistol-20 rounds or less

The match will have a minimum of 4 different stages. The stages will be designed to require the shooter to engage targets with their rifle at various ranges from “point blank” out to 100 yards. The requirement to change magazines in the rifle, use a sidearm, and perform a transition from the rifle to the sidearm (or vice versa) will be included in the match.

Contact Info: Chris McKlveen    228-669-5455