Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm



Welcome to the Coast Rifle and Pistol Club! Please remember our club is a member’s club organized and chartered for the promotion of shooting sports. There are many volunteers who make this club a success. These volunteers 

run the various matches and club activities for members. If you see something that needs fixing or you have a skill that can help improve the club, we strongly encourage you to contact a board member and offer your help. Your support of the club is important!

This club has five elected (non-paid) officers. They answer to the membership. The officers provide the administrative support for day-to-day operations. Members are asked to help with range projects and shooting events. Please 

treat your club with respect and always leave the range and buildings clean.

It is important to remember that membership in this club is a privilege not a right.

The club pays to have the Range cleaned weekly. The cleaning contract is only 

to empty trash cans, general clean-up, and hang new target backer boards. Always pick up all the trash you generate while at the range and any other trash you see. When each member leaves the range better than they found it, there will be fewer club cleanup expenses. Always clean up your brass and sweep  your firing position when you are done shooting. Place empty brass cases in the 5-gallon buckets. Place steel cases, used targets, and trash in the trash barrels.

Club meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM. 

At these meetings the CRPC Officers, Board Members and general members, discuss club business. This is your chance to voice your opinions or recommendations about club projects. Club Officers and Board members vote on current issues at these monthly meetings. Once a year, usually in January, the club holds the annual meeting. Club issues which requires a vote of the general membership are presented and voted on during the annual meeting. During the annual meeting your CRPC club officers are elected to their non-paid positions. Officers are elected for 3-year terms. If you would like to be a club officer, please make it known and run for the office. All members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and the club’s annual general membership meeting.

Information about the club and its activities is posted on our club web site at www.crpcms.com or www.gcrpc.com. Your Club By-Laws are posted in the clubhouse and on the club web site. The club’s fiscal year runs 01 January to 
31 December. The Club Officers will gladly answer your questions about the Range facilities and their operations. Their contact information is located on the web site and on a sign at the front entrance.

The clubhouse belongs to the members. Please feel free to use it. When you 
use the club house please leave it in the same condition that you found it. Occasionally, the clubhouse is reserved for club matches, training, or other activities. Check the calendar on the web page to avoid a conflict.


You may reserve the clubhouse by contacting the Club Secretary. The 

clubhouse training room may be reserved for training activities. There is also a small training annex located near pistol range #5. This building is used for tournament administrative purposes during pistol matches or for small group training.


The ranges are open from daylight to dark 365 days a year. Ranges are closed during the hours of darkness. Some ranges may be closed for major range clean up/maintenance, special events, sectioned matches, or when mowing/contract work is being accomplished.

Your badge is your key in and out of the range and also the club house. The automatic entry/exit gate will lock approximately one hour after dark. Please plan accordingly. If you have a guest with a separate vehicle, DO NOT try to get both vehicles through the gate with one badge swipe. Swipe your car through then 
use your badge to swipe your guest through.

Never swipe in someone unless they are your guest. Do not swipe someone through who claims “they forgot their badge.” We forbid shooters without badges from the ranges. (Visitor must have a visitor badge). Tournament competitors 
are exempt the badge rule during the event.


Annual dues are $200.00. First time members pay an initiation fee of $200.00. This fee is assessed only once in a lifetime. Disabled Veterans, Active Duty Military and Retired Military are exempt from the initiation fee. Military on temporary orders are pro rated dues at $20 per month. (They must provide a copy of their orders). Associate memberships are $25 per year. Married spouses may obtain an associate membership. Associate members may not vote at the annual meeting. Associate members may use the ranges without the sponsor present. Members and Associates may bring two guests. Memberships may be renewed by payment in the clubhouse, mailed to the Club PO box, paid through PayPal on the club website, or during new member briefings. Please note that your badge will automatically stop allowing access to the club should you not pay your annual dues timely.

Range Closures for Events:


Range closures for scheduled events will be posted on the club’s website for each range affected. Because this club is chartered to support the promotion of shooting sports, there will be times that one or more ranges will be closed to general shooting. Every attempt will be made to keep at least one range (3A) open during any match. To schedule a shooting event the CRPC Executive Board has established following requirements:

Club members wishing to schedule a shooting event using one or more ranges, must submit a request, in writing, for approval to the club’s Executive Board. Requests are approved at the regular club meeting the month prior to the event.


Groups from outside the club wishing to use a range for a shooting event must submit a request, in writing, to the club’s Executive Board. Groups from outside the club may be charged a fee as determined by the Board at the time of the request. A minimum of three (3) weeks advance notice of the event is required.


All request will specify: a) The date(s), hours of each day’s usage, b) weapons to be used (i.e.: pistols, rifles, etc.), c) distances to be shot and d) the number of people participating in each event.

All shooters/spectators at shoots will be required to comply with all club rules. 
The club’s Range Safety Officer (RSO), or his designated assistant, must be present. The RSO will have full authority to take appropriate action if a safety violation occurs. Event participants will not be designated as an RSO. There is no fee refund if an event is cancelled, or if an individual is removed from a shoot for non-compliance with established club rules.


Club supported groups such as 4-H, Boy Scouts, or as designated by the Executive Board, will be exempt from range usage fees.





New members are always welcome at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club.  There is only one level of full membership plus an Associate Member status available for spouses of Members.

Dues are $200.00 per year plus a one-time initiation fee of $200.00 for new members(Note: the new member initiation fee does not apply to current or former members of Coast Rifle & Pistol Club.).  For whatever month a new member joins the Club, that membership remains valid until the last day of that month a year later.  The Club now prefers payment by check, credit card or money order however cash is accepted as well.



Mandatory Safety Briefing


Applicants for membership must attend a one-time Safety Briefing conducted by the elected Range Safety Officer, another club officer or delegated member at the range clubhouse.  The briefings are carried out on the first Saturday and third Sunday of every month starting in May 2016.  The safety briefing will start promptly at 4:00 PM each day. It is recommended to arrive twenty to thirty minutes early to fill in application forms, make payments, etc. The range vehicle gate is open from 3:30 to 4:00 to allow access to applicants. Upon entry, please proceed to the clubhouse and park in front of the clubhouse or in the lot past the clubhouse. It is possible to arrange alternate times for a Safety Briefing in cases where employment or other circumstances make it difficult to comply with the normal schedule.  Please contact the Range Safety Officer, President or Treasurer for a convenient time to arrange for a meeting.



Immediately prior to the regularly scheduled Safety Briefing an applicant will complete and/or hand in the application form with a one-time $200 initiation fee and $200.00 annual membership fee payable at the time of joining not in advance by online payment.  A photo ID badge will be printed and turned over to the new member upon completion of the Safety Briefing.  At this point the new member is free to use the range facilities within the guidelines of the Safety Rules and Club By-Laws.  The badge will be used to gain access to the gate and clubhouse. It will be required to use your badge for entry and exit through the front gate. (Please see Military area below for special exemptions.)



Associate Membership


For $25 the spouse of a member can become an Associate Member.  Associate Members have all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of a Member (individual photo ID badge, use of the range and authorization for two guests without the Member presence, etc.) with one exception.  Associate Members are not permitted to vote in the annual elections.  To become an Associate Member the spouse must attend the mandatory Safety Briefing.  Payment and attendance can be accomplished at any time during which the other spouse’s full membership is valid.



Membership Gift Certificates


 Membership Gift Certificates are available by contacting the Club at mail@crpcms.com.

 Occasionally Gift Certificates will be offered for sale from the Club’s table at nearby gun shows.  Cost is the same as regular annual dues, $200 and a one time initiation fee for new members. (The fee does not apply to current or past members whether active or not, or to active military).  At gun shows, only check or money order can be accepted.  The membership commences when the bearer presents the certificate at a Safety Briefing and follows the other routine steps for new members.





Active duty military personnel with orders to transfer less than one year in the future may, upon presentation of written orders, join for $20 per month from the application date to the transfer date. The one time initiation fee will be waived for the following categories:

Disabled Veterans,  Active Military and Retired Military. 





A Note Regarding Dues


Annual dues are $200 for every member except Lifetime Members.  Current Lifetime Memberships are honored but are no longer issued.



  Some Additional Benefits


·         The Club is NRA-Affiliated and is able to arrange discounts for new NRA members as well as renewals.  Inquire at mail@crpcms.com .


·        The Club’s affiliation with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) permits our members to make direct purchases of US Government surplus firearms (e.g., M-1 Grand rifles) from CMP.


·        Private Events - Most range facilities can be made available to a member or members for private functions if sufficient notice is given to the Club.  Details and arrangements will be handled on an individual basis.  As a reminder, alcohol is strictly prohibited on the range property.  No member or guest is allowed in an intoxicated state.  It is the responsibility of the host member(s) to ascertain compliance by all participants.




Thank you for visiting Coast Rifle & Pistol Club’s website.  Please send any questions to our email mail@crpcms.com