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Club Rules and Information

Date:  12/09/2014

1. At all times while on the range please use common sense and good judgment.

2.  Do not give anyone your badge or key to range facilities. Doing so will result in immediate termination and possible trespassing charges on who you gave your badge.

3.  No alcohol is allowed on the facility.

4.  Badges must be worn and visible at all times.

5.  All weapon actions must be open when not shooting.  Do not load guns until in the shooting positon.

6.  Eye protection and ear protection are required at all times, on all ranges, and by spectators and guests. No exceptions.

7.  Firing weapons at unauthorized club assets will get you expelled from the Club permanently.

8.  A member may bring two guests (must be directly supervised): the guest may not shoot at the same time as the member supervising them; the member is responsible for the actions of their guest. Guests must be signed in upon arrival at the Range and wear a Guest Badge while on the Range.  Return the Badge and sign Guests out before leaving the Range.

9.  Pick up all trash/debris and shotgun shells before leaving the range: to include all targets, hulls, and any trash you bring.

10.  Use no shot larger than size #7 ½ on skeet and trap ranges.

11.  Skeet and Trap rounds are $2.00 each for members, $5.00 for Guests. This is for each 25 rounds fired 

12. Do not shoot or handle anyone’s weapon without permission.

13.  The pattern boards are for shotgun use only and no shot size larger than size 7 ½ lead shot.

14.  All deposits/ payments are to be put in the safe, please use the proper envelope and fill out all information requested. Then place in safe.

 15.  All bullets must impact the berm directly.

16.  Do not shoot vertical or horizontal target frames, do not place targets over posts supporting target boards.

17.  Do not shoot anything on the ground or on top of the berms.

18.  Do not shoot any glass products.

19.  Do not place live ammunition on the ground or in the trash containers.

20.  Do not shoot in front of the shooting line when other shooters are present.  You may shoot in front of the shooting position if you are the only shooter on that range. This does not apply to Range 3. Only shoot from the firing line. Do not shoot from the wall. We are watching. There is a Blue hash marked area to shoot Standing, Kneeling and Prone on Range 3A, for use on the 100yd Range 3A, 200yd to 300yd range on Range 3.  You must not shoot 100yd targets on Range 3 from this position.  Bullets must impact the berm straight on, not at an angle.  When using Range 3 or 3A each side must coordinate Hot and Cold status between both sides of the range.  When one side is cold, both sides must be cold.

21.  Shoot “straight on” to the berm.  Don’t shoot across other shooting positions.

22. Do not go down range without clearing weapons and communicating your intentions with all shooters. Cold Range.

23. Do not handle weapons for any reason when people are downrange (“Range Cold”).

24. When shooting black powder weapons shoot downwind of others. 

25.  Automatic weapons may be fired on the range with a class 3 License. You MUST present License to Range Safety Officer for approval and sticker.

26.  Do not shoot at any wildlife.

27.  Each member is responsible for monitoring and enforcing range safety rules.