Welcome to the Coast Rifle & Pistol Club on the Web
Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast since 1968!






  This is a members club for the promotion of shooting sports. Membership in this club is a privilege not a right. This club is run by five elected (non-paid) officers & four elected directors who answer to the membership. The officers provide the administrative support for day-to-day operations. Your support of the club is important. Members are asked to pitch in on Range projects and treat the facility with respect.


    We pay to have the Range cleaned each week. This activity is only to empty trash cans and general clean-up so please continue to pick up all the trash you generate while at the Range and a little extra if you have time. If each member would leave the Range just a little better than they found it, pick up a loose piece of paper/trash or a few empty shell cases, etc. there would be little to do for clean-up.


    Club meeting are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm. This is for the discussion of club business and your chance to voice your opinions or concerns about club projects. Information about the club and it’s activities can also be found on our club web site at  or



    The Club offers a hearty welcome to new members.We really appreciate you! New members may join on the FIRST SATURDAY AND THIRD SUNDAY of each month. The gate will be open about 3:30 PM with the briefing starting promptly at 4:00 PM.



     To access the clubhouse it will require you to use your badge to activate the door lock. However, if you’re the last one leaving turn off the lights and heat/air.



    If you have any questions about the Range and it’s operation please contact any club officer. Club officers are elected to their non-paid positions and are elected at the annual meeting. The club’s fiscal year is the calendar year. If you would like to be a club officer please make it known and run for the office. Club By-Laws are posted in the clubhouse and on the club web site.


    The Ranges are open from daylight to dark 365 days a year. Ranges are closed during the hours of darkness. One or more ranges may be closed during major Range clean-up/maintenance, for special events, and when mowing/contract work is being accomplished.



  Annual dues are $200.00 (First time members will have a one time $200.00 Initiation fee) . Renewals are due each year on your anniversary date. Military under temporary orders are pro-rated at $20. per month. (A copy of the orders must be provided). Renewals may be made by payment put into the safe in the clubhouse, mailed to the Club PO box or during new member briefings.


    Associate memberships are available for $25.00 per year. Only husbands or wives may obtain an associate membership.


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