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NRA Training Counselor, Recruiter, Firearms Instructor

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Life Membership $600 (or less)   

NRA Life Memberships, normally $1500, are available for a limited time for $600 from any NRA Recruiter.  July 24th is the official cutoff date.  There is also a way during the same time period that a Life Membership may be available through an existing NRA Life or Super Life Member for only $500.  Phone me for details at 228 324-0414.  I sell NRA memberships for as little as $6.  The NRA needs to expand its membership numbers if it is to play a significant role in the upcoming elections.  Join now – NOVEMBER MAY BE TOO LATE.

NRA Membership is the easiest, most cost efficient way to directly refute much of the mass media’s daily mantra about what “most” Americans supposedly think and believe (aka lies) on a wide range of topics – not just firearms related.  So encourage all decent folks to join, be they gun-owners or not.

Gun Sales 

There is a gun show in Slidell, LA, July 11th & 12th.  The Hancock County Precinct Caucuses and County Convention will keep me away Saturday while Sunday is also out due to commitments at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club.  But I’d sure like to attend to gauge the climate and attitude of dealers and buyers alike at the first nearby show since COVID-19.  In case you haven’t noticed, the stock at local gun stores is pretty much ABSENT.  Online searches for practical firearms produce mostly “out of stock” or “not available” notices.  There are rumors that shortages extend from dealers not only to distributors and brokers, but to manufacturers.

The latest FBI reports show huge, dramatic increases in gun purchase applications and further indicate that about 40% are from first-time buyers.  Apprehension over the pandemic, civil unrest (often supported by comments from local and national political leaders), undermining of law enforcement (similarly supported by many of the same folks) as well normal election year uncertainty are all contributors to the situation.  That many first-time gun owners should be of concern to us.  Experience shows that the mere possession of the firearm will still the fears that led to the acquisition.  As responsible gun owners we should do everything possible to spread the word that possession of a firearm WITHOUT the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude creates its own kind of danger.  Training and practice are essential. 

Coast Rifle & Pistol Club’s website (www.crpcms.com), Education & Training page is one good place to begin.  Whether or not you as an individual are comfortable with offering any direct instruction or guidance to a new gun owner, as a CRPC member you have the chance to offer firearms practice opportunities to friends or acquaintances as your guest at the range.

Good luck and stay safe.