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·    Updated August 2020


NRA Updates

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NRA Training Counselor, Recruiter, Firearms Instructor

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If you as a gun owner, or as a freedom-loving American, are at all concerned about the last six months, the next three months and in particular the next four years you need to stand up and be counted.  If you’re not an NRA member, why not?  NRA is not a perfect organization but it is far and away the most significant voice in place to guard your gun rights – and a lot of other rights beside.  Contact me and you can be counted for as little as six dollars ($6.00), or 120 nickels, or two dozen quarters, or six hundred pennies.  I’ll accept a check or any combination of bills and coins that adds up to that lofty total.

Are you already an NRA member?  Please check that your dues are current ‘cos if they’re not, you’re not.  As noted here previously it is important to be up to date for several reasons, including maintenance of your firearms insurance.  I can save you a few dollars on renewals but only if you can furnish your NRA ID number.  If you can’t find your ID card look on the mailing label of your monthly NRA magazine.  Or phone 800 672-3888 and ask for member services.

If each of NRA’s five million members would, in one way or another, add a single new member, we’d have the membership spike necessary to influence many of the upcoming elections.  Buy one for somebody, you can make a significant gift for as little as $6.  For a new member I need a name and a mailing address along with your pledge that the person is willing to be an NRA Member.  I prefer initial contacts to be via my email, jmolsu@hotmail.com

Statistics released by the FBI indicate huge numbers of first-time gun buyers.  We need to find them and get ‘em signed on.

Not much in the way of “Updates” this time round – just begging and pleading.  Next time there may be good news in general and news specific to Coast Rifle & Pistol Club.