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·    Updated May 15, 2021


NRA News

by John Ohman

The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of Coast Rifle & Pistol Club or the National Rifle Association

The NRA recently lost its bankruptcy bid, clearly a stratagem aimed at avoiding the lawsuit by the New York Attorney General Letitia James and escaping cleaning to the more welcoming climate of Texas.  Staying out of a trial in New York (with possibly a Manhattan jury of all things) seemed and probably

was a wise thing to try.  But the bankruptcy judge’s commentary on his refusal made sense to me at least after my very brief review as a non-attorney –

not even a non-attorney spokesperson.  A considerable degree of the NRA’s difficulty with its reputation and the NYAG is self-inflicted.  At its worst

however the AG’s stated goal to dissolve the NRA for the sake of its membership is clearly a political attack motivated by vastly different reasons

(AKA a big, bald-faced lie).  Swelling the NRA membership at a time like this when the organization is at a low point would send a loud and clear

message about the wishes of law-abiding, gun-owning American citizens.

The National Rifle Association has not held an Annual Meeting (national convention) for two years due primarily to the COVID situation.  Generally

held at the end of April, the next one is now scheduled for Labor Day weekend in Houston.  Will it be Wayne LaPierre’s last stand? …or the beginning

of a much needed healing process?  In case you are considering attending, the event works this way.  There is no admission fee to the main exhibition

hall(s) but is only open to NRA members.  So instead of ticket booths there are long counters with scores of NRA Recruiters selling memberships. 

The admission fee then translates into a $35 Annual Membership or, if you’re patient, a $10 Associate Membership.  You can get those from me for $25

and $6 respectively.  The $6 Associate Membership takes a few weeks to process so do it by the middle of July at the latest.  Contact me for further details

at JMOLSU@hotmail.com  If you attend with the whole family these savings could add up quickly.  I can help you with renewals as well although

the savings are less.


I expect to be there in Houston, Lord willin’ and the Creek don’t rise.  It should be interesting.    



A recent encounter with a long-time acquaintance brought home to me the sad, dangerous times in which we find ourselves.  The subject was NRA membership (what else with me around?).  The gentleman in question is an avid shooter, owns a number of guns for a variety of reasons including

self-defense, is an attorney and a longtime officer in one of the Guard units.  He is under consideration for a promotion to quite an exalted level and

wants to avoid NRA membership as it might be considered by a promotion board to be “extremist,” not keeping with the best interests of that particular service.  When an elected official in San Francisco (or New York), an uninformed clown elected by similar individuals, proclaims the NRA to be a

“domestic terrorist organization,” well you consider the source.  But when you learn that there is innuendo, an atmosphere anywhere within the

military that discourages NRA membership, my concern and disappointment reach new levels, or perhaps new depths.  Think about it.  Think well.

A few days after writing the above I came across a news story entitled:

REPORT:  Biden Will Secretly Surveil Service Members For “Concerning” Views He Disagrees With

a plan to employ private surveillance companies to monitor social media and other online activities of members of the armed forces.  The choice of independent firms to carry out these operations is, according to the authors, one method to avoid accusations of First Amendment violations by the Dept. of Defense and ultimately by the Biden Administration.  I am in no position to judge the veracity of this report but taken in consideration of my previously mentioned personal experience, a related note to my Senators and Representative is likely.