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·    Updated April 10, 2021


NRA News 

by John Ohman 

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 Mississippi’s Senators – For at least the next twenty-two months the US Senate appears to be our most dependable bulwark against the radical, gun control activists in the House of Representatives, especially its leadership.  We are fortunate to have two of the most reliable Senators, Wicker and Hyde-Smith, where the Second Amendment is concerned.  But don’t take them too much for granted.  Let them know about your opinions and support both in general and regarding specific legislation.  When they have current evidence of strong approval it could help them sway the opinion of Senators from other states, individuals who are perhaps not as strongly devoted to the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms.  With every media blast about a tragic mass shooting, many Senators are subjected to increased pressure from gun control groups, the same media and many sincere but ill-informed voters.  If they don’t hear from the other side, the thought may creep in that gun owners don’t care about this or that.  Much of the media doesn’t report these tragedies as much as they promote them while ignoring literally thousands of instances of firearms legally employed by private citizens to defend and save the lives of so many.


Mississippi’s new Attorney General, Lynn Fitch, has been very pro-active regarding the Second Amendment, joining other state AG’s in formal court actions regarding, among other things, California’s magazine capacity law and the New York AG’s continued attempts to dissolve the NRA (supposedly for the members sake).  Mrs. Fitch is an NRA Life Member.  You might consider letting her know your thoughts regarding her actions on your behalf.  


Also in the courts, bump stocks have been revisited with a win by their supporters.  The worst thing about that issue was that so many citizens had for years made direct inquiries to ATF about the legality of bump stocks.  That federal agency repeatedly assured gun owners that they were well within the law.  Then a politically motivated Presidential Executive Order banned the devices – with no compensation to those same owners.  Gun owners as a group were relatively quiet on the issue.


As noted here and elsewhere, the gun control lobby has given up attempts using reason or facts or logic to sway public opinion about guns.  They don’t attack NRA’s arguments (and truth) but rather seek to destroy it as an organization, removing the greatest single obstacle to their goal.  But their “divide and conquer” tactics also include fooling gun owners that their target is this or that type of firearm.  When they go after AR-15’s they in effect say to hunters, don’t worry about your rifles, to trap and skeet shooters, don’t worry about your shotguns, to revolver shooters, we’ll never bother you, etc.  Don’t believe it and don’t ignore the gun control lobby because you wishfully buy into their lies about only going so far, then stopping.  To paraphrase Ben Franklin, those willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security will neither get nor deserve either.


President Biden’s rollout for his six proposed executive orders (ghost guns, etc.) employs the phrase “gun safety” and in various places the gun lobby assumes this mantle.  Of course they completely ignore that segment of society (you and I) most well-versed on the subject and best positioned to effect improvement.  Regardless, as gun owners, those who have exercised the right to possess a potentially lethal device, we must acknowledge our responsibility to learn, train and practice regularly with that device and to assure against unauthorized access to any firearm in our possession.  Gun accidents in the home, especially those involving children, are completely avoidable and totally unforgiveable.  Visit www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/osg-donates-nssf-project-childsafe/390291 for an interesting, related article.