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Many NRA Members and others are aware that Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has declared war on the National Rifle Association and has “weaponized” state agencies to take a variety of actions in his personal campaign – a campaign that surely has been of great benefit to the citizens of New York or at least served to distract them from issues Cuomo has ignored.  A number of these stratagems, notably threatening insurance companies and other financial institutions with “increased attention” to their operations unless such companies would refrain from doing business with NRA.  An oft-quoted remark by one senior member of the Administration is “There are no ethics involved when dealing with NRA.”  This speaks volumes about the ethics of that individual and the Governor.  The State of New York has been widely criticized for these actions and the NRA has been supported by an extensive range of public and private organizations, most notably the American Civil Liberties Union.  The latest outrageous abuse of the State’s authority was for Attorney General Letitia James to initiate legal action with the goal of “disbanding” the NRA.  She lost any credulity left to her in elaborating that at least part of the state’s aim was to protect the five million plus members of NRA.

A couple of days ago I mailed to the Office of the Attorney General, Public Integrity Bureau (28 Liberty St., 15th Floor, New York, NY 10005) a hard copy of their General Online Submission Complaint Form that I completed.  It could have been submitted online but the Public Integrity Bureau has notoriously slippery “Delete” buttons (not that they’ll encounter much difficulty losing or destroying my page and envelope).  My “Complaint Description” was as follows:

·   Ms Letitia James has publicly stated that her office's recent actions to dismantle the National Rifle Association (NRA) are based in part on behalf of the Association's membership of over five million (5,000,000), to protect their interest. I am among that number. Ms James is not acting on my behalf. She knows that is true, I know it and I know she is aware of that as well. If and when representatives of the New York Attorney General's Office appear in court in this regard I can only hope it is in a court where perjury is still considered wrong.

Yes, I probably wasted an envelope and a stamp.  If you’d like to do so as well, all the necessary information can be found at https://ag.ny.gov/public-integrity/contact  The main stream media haven’t noticed anything askew and have just ignored travesties like the San Francisco City Board labeling the NRA a “domestic terrorist organization.”  Is postage to California the same as New York?

GUN SHOW :      

Plans are underway for the previously scheduled October 31st/ November 1st Gun Show at the Biloxi Coast Convention Center.  If the promoters manage to pull it together, CRPC’s table will be there in our usual spot (northeast corner).  Visit us for the lowest NRA membership rates – as low as $6.  But it would be better to do it sooner.  Contact me at jmolsu@hotmail.com or 228 324-0414.