Election Results/Senate Run-Off/NRA Discounts

by John Ohman

The following content does not necessarily represent the opinion of Coast Rifle & Pistol Club or the National Rifle Association


Both political parties claimed victory, for different valid reasons, in the recent mid-term elections.  But there’s no glossing over the fact that the change in the House of Representatives is a set-back for gun owners.  We can only hope that the new freshmen Representatives, regardless of party affiliation, will act with wisdom in the best interest of the country rather than the dictates of a career politician.  A disturbing note was that many polls indicated gun issues constituted a very low priority among voters.  If you want to send a message to all the Representatives, encouraging NRA Membership remains your best, least expensive option (


US Senate numbers remain too close for comfort.  November 27th is the run-off election for Mississippi’s other Senate seat.  Rarely has the outcome been so important for both the State and the Nation.  The choice of candidates is very clear cut.  Please vote.


All NRA Recruiters are authorized to offer Life Memberships for $600 through the end of 2018.  The normal Life discount available from Recruiters is $750 (50% of the nominal $1,500).

However, a $500 Life Membership can be had during that same time period via a promotion recently sent to most current NRA Life or Super Life (Endowment, Patron or Benefactor) Members.  The offer includes a gift for each new Life Member (an “NRA Ridgeline Performance Jacket, $89.50 retail value”). There is an implied limit of six new memberships on the coded form mailed with the promotion.  But the form with payment must be mailed at the same time so some coordination is required.  When combined with the “free” jacket, that price is significantly better than what I can offer as a Recruiter.  Based on my experience, I don’t believe any lower price will be offered.  To accomplish this you would furnish contact information and your choice of monthly magazine to the Life Member along with a check or money order for $500 made out to NRA.  A credit card can be used however that card should pay for every new member named on that particular form.  There are ways around that, too, but I recommend you contact me about it (228 324-0414 or  If you don’t know a Life Member call me and I’ll try to make the necessary arrangements to take advantage of the $500 offer.  

An NRA Life Membership is a source of pride, a way to avoid future dues increases as well as the best way to ensure your various discount opportunities never lapse.