ArmsCare Ins./Are you affected? /Life Membership/US Senate

by John Ohman

The following content does not necessarily represent the opinion of Coast Rifle & Pistol Club or the National Rifle Association


The NRA Recruiting Dept. recently issued instructions to Individual Recruiters (like myself) to cease any mention of insurance benefits derived from membership dues.  Online at the NRA Membership page, the Benefits links will eventually take you to a screen that says “We regret that we are no longer able to furnish insurance as a membership benefit” or words to that effect.  I’ve asked a lot of questions but the only reliable answer so far is that as a Benefactor Member my $2500 firearm and $10,000 Accidental Death insurance remains in place.  I want to assume this applies to all Life and Super Life Members (Endowment, Patron & Benefactor).  I want to assume this is true for Annual and Multi-Year Members as long as their dues are current and without a cutoff date in the future.  But I’m still in the dark.  For example, I don’t know if this is an effect of NY Gov. Cuomo’s threats against insurance and financial institutes that do business with NRA or a result of political campaign spending or both.  I’ll pass on any further info by whatever means are available to me.

What can a current NRA member do?  Without further info I’m concerned about being an alarmist, however there are a few points to consider.  With your NRA ID in hand you can phone Lockton Affinity Insurance directly at 877 672-3006 and ask about your coverage status.  If you are a relatively new member and have received your ID card, did you receive a notice to activate this insurance?  You should be okay for the present.  Back to current members, make sure your dues don’t lapse.  Any membership package you purchase is automatically added on to the end of your current membership so you’re not wasting money if you purchase ahead of the expiration.  Hang on to your membership number.  When no membership ID number is listed on an application (online or via a Recruiter), it’s processed as a new member.  You can join or renew at the link below.                                             

I don’t yet know what can be done by the membership to have this benefit maintained for current members and restored to new members.  It’s not my goal to make anyone in Fairfax, VA, uncomfortable however always remember:  the squeaky wheel gets the grease.


Life Memberships (normally $1500) are still available through December 31st for $600 online or via Recruiters and even lower ($500) when purchased via the mail-in offer described here a few weeks ago and also valid through the 31st.  Contact me if I can help with either (John Ohman, 228 324-0414, ).


While Cindy Hyde-Smith defeated Mike Espy by 8 percentage points in the US Senate run-off election, a number that in many areas would be termed a “landslide” (at least by the winner), it was closer than expected and closer than it should have been.  A lot of folks that voted for her on November 6th had “better” things to do on November 27th.  Gun-related issues played no obvious significant factor.  Just remember that our gun rights are threatened equally or more so by our apathy as compared to the empty-headed liberals as well as the billionaires with their rental politicians.  Keep in mind that this Senate seat comes up again in only two short years.