NRA News / CRPC Lyman Gun Show Table

by John Ohman

The following content does not necessarily represent the opinion of Coast Rifle & Pistol Club or the National Rifle Association


ACLU Backs NRA, Files Brief Condemning New York Gov. Cuomo.  From an article by Jordan Michaels,

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a brief in defense of the NRA in its case against Gov. Cuomo.  Referring to NY public officials, ACLU’s legal director, David Cole, wrote “The First Amendment bars state officials from using their regulatory power to penalize groups merely because they promote disapproved ideas.”  In April Gov. Cuomo issued a press release “directing” insurance companies and banks to “review” their relationships with the NRA and other “similar organizations due to a potential “reputational risk.”  Soon thereafter, insurance companies began terminating policies with NRA obviously in fear of what’s been called weaponized New York regulatory agencies.  The ACLU pointed out that if Cuomo is allowed to proceed unchecked, then conservative governors might decide to use similar tactics against other type groups.

Make no mistake the ACLU’s action in no way supports NRA, its mission or its programs but they clearly see a violation of civil liberties have initiated action as required by their charter.  You won’t see much about this in the media.  But there is a clear opportunity to express your disapproval of Gov. Cuomo.  Targeting the NRA is a central plank of his re-election campaign, an easy target that keeps him from having to comment on real issues.  He certainly doesn’t care what gun owners on the Mississippi Gulf Coast have to say.  However, by joining NRA, by a noticeable increase in membership, can be a powerful message to other candidates.  Every additional member puts the NRA in a better position to protect our gun rights.


Ten weeks is just barely enough time to affect the mid-terms (NRA takes several weeks to process new members).  I frequently ask CRPC members and other gun owners, “What exactly are you doing to protect our gun rights?”  For many of us, myself included, it mostly turns out to be talking to other gun owners, individuals who already share our opinion – preaching to the choir.  NRA isn’t the only gun rights advocacy organization but it remains the most effective.  We need new members and current members to be paid up, in good standing.  Encourage everyone you know to join.  NRA’s success is vital to all people concerned with freedom whether or not they care about firearms.


I can register new NRA Associate Members for as little as $6.  Please contact me at or 228 324-0414 (no texting) for additional information.  There are plenty of other venues available for membership which you can find or to which I can direct you.  The legislative and judicial progress of the last two years MUST continue if our children and grandchildren are to enjoy the freedom that too many of us currently take for granted.


 A dues increase went into effect August 1st for NRA Annual and Multi-Year Memberships as well as renewals.  Life and Super-Life Members are not affected.  NRA Recruiters (like myself) may still use the previous rates for a period of time.  CRPC Members can join or renew with NRA at our Club table during the Gun Show at the Lyman Community Center September 15th &  16th; not sure about table location.  This is the last nearby gun show until 2019.