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by John Ohman -

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Proposal to US Congress by elected Democrats in Hawaii to Repeal the 2nd Amendment or to clarify that “…the right to keep and bear arms” is NOT an individual right – it doesn’t apply to you or me or them or the estimated 80,000,000 Americans who own firearms – is in the works (Senate Concurrent Resolution 42).  The remaining millions would never be able to make that decision for themselves.  You could say that this is an alarmist headline, it’s only a few individuals at the state level looking to generate headlines of their own.  The legislators involved have at least stated their position plainly while their true immediate and ultimate motives are known to them alone.  But they are far more honest than many Democrats in the US House of Representatives and their leader, Nancy Pelosi.

Make no mistake, Mrs. Pelosi wants to eliminate the 2nd Amendment as well, or at least make it meaningless whether by legislation, court decree or any combination, any amount of distortion and outright lies.  She has succeeded already this year in getting past several gun control bills that are constantly referred to as “common sense” restrictions, beneficial to everyone.  Other individuals and organizations (chief among them the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, NRA-ILA), better positioned and equipped than me, have debunked the legislation section by section and line by line.  The “common sense” of interfering with the sale or transfer of firearms between friends, associates and family members is just a trap for law-abiding gun owners.  Violent crime will remain, as always, unaffected.  Catch a few gun owners on technicalities and throw the book at them so as to terrify other citizens.  Incite other citizens to rash acts and eliminate them permanently.

One of the responses by NRA and others has been to prompt concerned gun owners to contact their US Senators to make sure these onerous bills, H.R. 8 and S.42) die in the Senate.  We should do that of course but let’s be realistic.  There is little danger that our two Senators, Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith, will support these measures (their opponents in the last election might have).  Voicing your opposition in this regard might provide numbers to help them sway one or more Senators from other states.  You can try to reach some of those Senators yourself but most, for practical reasons, have machinery in place to block or restrict contact from citizens outside their state.

So, what can you do?  Yep, here it comes, an NRA commercial.  Join the NRA and promote membership to every likely individual you encounter.  If an upturn in membership can be linked to the recent Pelosi-sponsored activities, it would be a clear message impossible to deny, a clear signal to other politicians.  We don’t vote in Mrs. Pelosi’s San Francisco district.  Voters in that area who in any way question the wisdom of her gun control activity get no answers.  They get labelled as nut cases, redneck slobs, etc.  Most of them can’t see that the dangers to the 2nd Amendment will, if unchecked, imperil other freedoms as well.  As several New York state officials have repeated in public, “There are no ethics when it comes to dealing with the NRA.”  But any hint (unproven) suggesting the reverse gets the NRA and its members described as “terrorists.”  

For more details of these activities visit and consider signing up for the daily legislative updates.  While there is some good news, the amount and degree of government anti-gun owner action is frightening.  The positive items of course rarely come to light in the mainstream media.


Here is a link, not widely employed, where you can join NRA online for $10:         (See me personally and it’s $6)  Give someone a membership – as long as that person knows about it and agrees.