Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm




Setup 0700

Registration 0800

Start 0900




Club Member: $10.00


Non Club Member: $15.00


Junior: FREE


2nd Gun: $5.00



Our matches will be held on the 2nd Saturday of the Month


We invite everyone to come out and enjoy these matches.  You can use your "normal" USPSA firearm or there is also a division for rim fire.  In the rim fire there is no requirement for a holster, since the start is from the low-ready position. We have a also have a division for 

rim fire rifle. Rim fire is 22LR only.




You will need your normal UPSPA hostler and gear for shooting in the USPSA divisions (Open, Single Stack, Production, Limited, Revolver etc).

You will need a “bag” or “case” and several mags (if you do not have hi-cap mags for your rim fire) for the rim fire division. You will have to “bag” and “un-bag” your weapon on the firing line for rim fire since there are not holster requirements. 

We will normally shoot 4-5 stages consisting of 5 strings each. Each stage has 5 targets that must be hit. So you will need a minimum of 25 rounds per stage (that's with no misses) with a minimum total of 125 rounds per match. 

Please be able to shoot an entire stage with out having to reload your mags. This will keep the match moving and make it a short day for everyone involved. If you have hi-caps for your rim fire rifle then 2 mags will be good (20-25 res per mag). If your are shooting a rim fire pistol you will need to have 4-5 mags for it. Normal USPSA shooters should already have enough mags for the matches. USPSA rules will be enforced for the division you are shooting in.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, the match director at:

Chris Sawlsville

email: crpc.steelchallenge@gmail.com

Ph:  985-801-9672



Welcome to the Biloxi Practical Shooting Association. We meet on the 4th Sunday of every month, at 9AM. You are more than welcome to come early and help us set up. You can see the stages and even sign up and pay at www.bpsa.us. We are a USPSA sanctioned shoot. It’s $15 for club members and $20 for all others.


You will need eye protection and ear protection. Sunglasses are fine for eye protection. Practical Pistol requires a .38/9mm or larger center fire pistol with a holster. The holster cannot be “small of back”, shoulder, or tactical leg. We are a USPSA affiliate. You can check their website www.USPSA.ORG for more information. There are two safety tables to take your bagged gun to and “gun up”. No ammo at the safety table. No one has a loaded gun until directed to “load and make ready” by the Range Officer as they are about to shoot a stage.  


There are several ways to get disqualified (DQed). The muzzle of the gun must not break the 180. IE must never be pointed even one degree uprange.  The muzzle of the gun must never sweep you (point at you) or anyone else. No accidental discharges, particularly ones that hit less than ten feet from you or go over the berm. Finger off the trigger when reloading or moving to a new shooting position with the exception of when you are actively engaging targets while on the move.


We usually have five stages that total under 120 rounds. There will be steel targets and cardboard silhouettes. If you plan on missing you may need a few extra rounds. You should have three magazines but I always bring at least five. 1911’s only hold as little as eight rounds. You will need a couple more magazines.


Please don’t come and plan on watching the first time. Bring a gun. It’s too much fun not to join in. The group is usually broken into three teams. You will have about ten shooters to watch before you will have to shoot and all the free advice you care to listen to. Feel free to email me and ask any question you might have. kendi@cableone.net


The Well Armed Woman is a group dedicated to introducing women to armed self-defense, gun ownership, gun safety and shooting skills.  We discuss everything from permits to holsters and do it in a candid and concise manner. We are a complete resource for for women gun owners of all ages.

The purpose of The Well Armed Woman is three fold.  It is first to educate women so they can make informed decisions.  Secondly, is to equip, helping women find equipment which meets their unique needs and finally to Empower through a much needed sense of community with other women who are asking the same questions and facing the same challenges. 

For more info contact:


Linda Murphy