Welcome to the Coast Rifle & Pistol Club on the Web
Serving Hancock County, Harrison County, and Jackson County since 1968!

We host monthly ATA registered shoots, year round, usually on the first Saturday of the month, beginning with registration at 8:30 a..m. Please confirm the dates of ATA Registered Shoots on the calendar below.

We schedule these shoots in cooperation with area trap clubs to avoid date conflicts. Therefore, on occasion, our monthly registered shoot will be on a different Saturday, or, very rarely, cancelled (weather conditions, etc).

Please check this registered shoot calendar page before driving over to our club. We will provide the earliest possible change information here.


We welcome you to our registered shoots and wish you “Good Shooting!”


ATA registered shoots are scheduled on the below calender:


P.S. The only requirement to shoot an ATA registered shoot is ATA membership ($20 annually), which is arranged at the club before each shoot.